The promise of a dream trip

The Botanical Garden Cable Car situated itself in Quinta do Bom Sucesso, Funchal – Madeira Island – Portugal.

A unique trip between the Botanical Garden and Monte, tracing a line in the natural landscape of Ribeira de João Gomes, a place of exotic and rare natural beauty. The panoramic view expands itself until the marvellous Funchal bay, where the green of nature merges with blue of the sea.

The entire project follows the highest standards of quality and safety, in agreement with the European and International rules.

    You can opt for one of two versions:

  • One way Trip In this case, the trip will be undertaken from one station to the other, i.e. from the Botanical Garden station to the Monte station or vice versa, and it takes approximately 9 minutes.
  • Return Trip: In this case the trip will begin and end at the same station and is about 18 minutes. You will be able to leave the cable car at the other station to visit the station and surroundings before continuing on your return trip to the station in which you started the trip.


How can I reach the cable car stations?

How do I get back to Funchal?

The main station, the Botanical Garden station, is approximately 7 minutes from Funchal by car, while the Monte station is about 15 minutes. You can reach either of the stations by car, taxi, or by Horários do Funchal bus service, route nr. 29, 30, 31 (Botanical Garden) and 22 (Babosas). For more information please check the location and transportation icons.

Horários do Funchal, carreiras nr. 29, 30, 31; 31-A(Jardim Botânico) e 22 (Babosas).

Horários do Funchal

Another alternatives


Which services are available at the stations?

At the main station, the Botanical Garden station, you have use of a panoramic restaurant, a terrace and snack bar with a magnificent view as well as four thematic stores where you can get local souvenirs.

At Monte station, more precisely at Babosas Square, you can enjoy the magnificent view over the valley, while comfortably seated at the terrace bar.

Restaurante panorâmico


What other activities can we do from the Botanical Garden station?

And from the Monte station?

From the Botanical Garden station you can visit Madeira Island ‘s most visited venue, the Botanical Garden itself, as well as the Loiro Park . This space, created in 1960 is a scientific, cultural and conservation area by excellence. From Monte station you can visit this noble Madeiran vila and its famous church, where the Austrian Emperor Charles I lies buried. You can also try the toboggan rides, a way of acquiring a taste for remote times, when these were used as a means of transport. From this station you can also begin a walk along the paths or levadas near the João Gomes Stream valley, sites of exotic and rare natural beauty.

Jardim Botânico

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